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The ability to record sales calls gives companies access to a wealth of opportunity.

Not only does this feature provide you with insights to improve your marketing strategies, it also helps you train your employees to follow company standards. The feedback, questions, answers, and details you gain when recording conversations are relevant and priceless as they are real-life occurrences within your business.


Record Inbound Calls

With our call tracking software, your incoming phone calls are recorded automatically.

Keep your business compliant with call recording regulations. Configure a pre-call voice announcement (for example: ”This call may be monitored for quality purposes”). Use this feature for recording sales and customer service calls. Analyze different ways your teams can improve communications and generate more conversions.


Record Outbound Calls

When placing an outbound call, your calls are recoded automatically.

Once the call has ended, it will automatically link in the Conversations section in our app. Like inbound calls, outbound calls can be analyzed for different ways your teams can improve communications and help increase sales.


Call Recording Laws

There are different laws that apply to call recording, so check your current State and Federal laws before using this feature. Some states require both parties to consent to recording phone conversations, while other states require only one party to consent to the recording. To assist in the compliance with these laws, Look&Hook’s call recording software allows you to enable an automated verbal announcement to parties on a call.


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