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Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Helps
Marketers Analyze Website Call Conversions

DNI is a marketing analytics technology that enables businesses to get attribution for the phone calls generated from their digital advertising and website. Look&Hook’s dynamic number insertion (DNI) technology, is used by more than 5000 companies worldwide and is helping local and international agencies track and optimize phone calls from website visitors.

How Does Dynamic Number
Insertion (DNI) Work?

Look&Hook’s dynamic number insertion (DNI) technology works by placing a piece of JavaScript code on your website. Whenever someone visits your site, the code dynamically replaces the phone number on each page with a unique trackable phone number linked to each visitor, how they found you and their user session.

When they call, we capture complete attribution data on the call and caller and make it available for you to view via reports. Look&Hook’s DNI can also pass all the data to your other marketing platforms. This lets you analyze reports and make the right performance adjustments.

Which Data and Insights Does Look&Hook’s DNI Provide Marketers?


Marketing Source That Drove the Website Visit

Capture the complete marketing source that drove each caller’s website visit, including the channel, ad variation and placement, ad group and keyword search, email, and more.


The Caller’s Path Through Your Website

See each caller’s history with your website, including the landing page, all the content they viewed on your site (and for how long), the page they eventually called from, and their interaction with your site after the call.


Caller Data

Capture who the caller is, their phone number, their geographic location, the day and time of the call, their browser and OS, and more.


What Happened on the Call

Get call intelligence. When each call was placed, was it answered, how long did the call last, and what was said during the conversation.

What Does Our DNI
Provide to Marketers?


No Negative Impact on Website Performance

When web pages load, our script runs separately from other elements and therefore it does not cause any delay in loading time or page load failures, which can negatively impact the digital marketing performance.


Acurate Multi-Touch Attribution

If a website visitor comes from one digital source (such as a display ad) but does not call, then returns to the site directly a few days later and places a call, our DNI recognizes the visitor is the same person and attributes the original display ad source information to that call.


No Negative
Impact on SEO

Our script was specifically engineered to never violate Google’s NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency requirements. There is no negative impact on a website’s organic search rankings from implementing call tracking on your site.


Most Data from the Fewest Numbers

DNI relies on pools of phone numbers to attribute calls from digital marketing. The bigger the pool, the more expensive the service. Our DNI actively monitors each website session for inactivity and quickly returns phone numbers of inactive sessions to your pool for reuse. This enables big brands with millions of visitors to capture complete attribution cost-effectively.

Closing The Loop


Leverage call tracking data and close the loop. Understanding marketing and sales data creates a huge competitive advantage. Let us show you how it works.