Swapping numbers on the website:implementing, adjusting, applying

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Nowadays hardly any business cannot be named multi-channel. A company can use several channels to receive orders from clients: web visitors fill out the forms on the website, chat online with a consultant, shoot messages on social networks or just e-mail...They also can call. And if the main way to contact your business is to call you, then it’s absolutely vital to thoroughly analyze calls. Track and analyze them, that’s what call-tracking exists for. This tool is based on the technology to dynamically swap the phone numbers on the website.

Technology to swap numbers on the website

Your potential client sees your ad and clicks on it to visit your web-page. A while after having looked through the needed info, he makes a phone call.

The data on this interaction, where from, which keyword from and which ad, how much time he spent on the website and which actions he made before he called, what he discussed with the manager and how long, can be gathered and deeply analyzed. You could guess, that it’s magic? Not at all. It’s call-tracking.

Call-tracking is a technology to evaluate your advertising efficiency by tracking the calls from your website. Due to the dynamic number swapping on your website, now it’s possible to connect a call with an ad source and a web-session.

How does it work?

When switched to our call-tracking, you get several numbers which will be used for the number swapping on the website. The amount of call-tracking numbers directly depends on how many ad sources’ efficiency you are willing to track and how granular you want your analytics to be.

In case you wish to know just the ad source of the call, static call-tracking is enough. In this case, only a little amount of numbers, which are shown to the visitors depending on the ad source, is used for the swapping. For example, visitors from organic search will see one number and those from paid search – the other. As a result, basing on the number of calls brought by this or that ad source you can spot the most beneficial one.

If you are in favor of more granular analytics, dynamic call-tracking is the one for you. A pool of numbers is used for it and a unique number is assigned not to each ad source you want to track but each visitor. This significantly expands the opportunities of call analysis which lets you solve the top priority task – evaluate the efficiency of your advertising.

With dynamic call-tracking the following details become available for you:

  • ad source (e.g. organic search, paid search or social webs);
  • paid search ad;
  • keyword;
  • all info on the visitor (device, browser, area, etc.);
  • call recording.

Using all this data you can effectuate a very detailed analysis of all requests you get from your clients. For instance, you can realize which ad campaigns had success and which didn’t, which keywords brought the most sales, in which areas people buy your product more often, which sales scripts your managers use to speak with the customers and how well they do that etc.

All in all, these insights help you understand all the weak points of your advertising and adjust it to reach the most ambitious results.

How to set it up?

To start tracking your calls, please contact our Look&Hook manager: he or she will calculate the most suitable pricing for your business. You will need to provide them with the info on the ad sources, amount of web-traffic and the average time that a visitor spends on your website. Together with our specialist or by yourself you will identify the needed amount of numbers for the better work of call-tracking. Afterward, the only thing to do will be just to insert a short javascript snippet into your website code.

After putting the snippet on the website you will need to attach the numbers to your ad sources, and it’s ready to collect the data on the phone calls you get.

In your Look&Hook personal account, you will find the details about the phone calls in the Calls Log section. By customizing the columns with the metrics at your convenience, you can transform your reports specifically for your business needs.

Which numbers you should use?

This trend for vanity numbers is a long time away in the past. So, you should rationally pick your call-tracking numbers depending on which area your business works in.

Analyze your target audience. If you are an online-shop which delivers its goods along the US, you’d better go for toll-free numbers. Your potential customers will be calling more when they see that it’s free to call here and now. If you target the audience from a particular area, then choose local numbers. They are cheaper, than toll-free, and will bring more trust from your website visitors.

It’s better not use the numbers ending with the successive figures, e.g. -12, -13, -14, -15, -16 etc. As it’s easier for the spam bots to call particularly such numbers.

Advantages of Look&Hook

So, how we differ from any other call-tracking provider?

Own virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is the base of call-tracking. Our own phone operator lets us guarantee the quality and reliability of connection and analytics. Why is it important? Click here

Fine adjustment

One more advantage of call-tracking from Look&Hook is the opportunity of flexible adjustment. You can see the numbers used in each ad campaign, choose by yourself what number to use in this or that case.


Each call has its own detailing page in your Look&Hook personal account. How long has the client been waiting on the line? Which manager received the call? What was the reason why the call finished? These and many more details let you control the work of your staff and improve the metrics on each stage of interaction with your clients. The info on each visitor is also gathered into the separate personal page.

Although the other ways to connect your business are gaining popularity, a huge part of your audience chooses to call you to buy the product. Either to swap the numbers on the website or not, it’s for you to decide. However, without these details, you risk investing in an inefficient advertising, simply saying just wasting your money.

Today we have a lot of call-tracking providers who solve this task. Choose the quality service and contact your personal manager on any questions. Adjust your call-tracking, control your advertising efficiency, make the decisions based on the data provided and obtain even bigger results. Call-tracking can be a mighty tool to increase your business efficiency.