To turn the boat: how to avoid untargeted clients


Next Proekt M services the market of high-end repair of apartments. In its current structure, there are several operating units for professional work on complex projects.


The general director applied to the Group 08 Agency to retarget advertising to the segment of clients with exclusive housing and to eliminate the repair apartments smaller than 50 sq.m.

State of affairs

Prior to the project launch, the company invested $ 6000 in PPC Campaign, received 1-2 calls per day and many low-profit requests via their website for jobs that they did not wish to be pursuing.

Start-up solution

The agency convinced the management of the need for an integrated approach. From the outset when the CRM system was implemented, Look&Hook was connected and the integration of these tools was set up to track the results of future campaigns. Separate landing pages were created for each service to ensure accurate results.


Before deploying a new targeted advertising campaign in Google Ads, thematic requests of the pages were spread out, with each page containing several feedback forms. Using the Look&Hook account, the appropriate audience segmentation was created.

For the first stage, the primary task was to bring the target traffic to each page and achieve an increase in calls and requests conversion. To attract more traffic to the site, the budget was increased to $ 10,000/month.

After the first results

The strategy achieved great results after 2 months of work, with the number of targeted requests increasing by 200%. to the campaign was expanded to increase the coverage and quality of the content, with Google and optimization for mobile visits added to the advertising campaigns. For the content, two goals were set: to increase the involvement of the audience with the help of videos on YouTube and to increase loyalty with the help of media references. All channels were tracked via Look&Hook to monitor daily the key indicators: the number of requests and calls.


Increase in total calls and increased conversion rate

lower cost per lead

After 9 months of work

As a result of this campaign, he company completed repair work in 5 new facilities, and33 projects are in the pipeline. Total calls and requests conversion was increased by 400%. Today, the client receives 8-11 quality leads per day.