How to set up a paid search campaign and not get disappointed


The company US-parquet sells floor covering online. In 2015 they decided to spend some part of their ad budget on paid-search campaign and shopping ads


on Google Ads but got immediately disappointed. Let’s try to understand what was wrong and what they should do.

Look&Hook call-tracking

Call-tracking connects the company requests with the website visits and ads, that’s why it solves the problem of ignorance.

Analytics up to keyword level

They applied dynamic call-tracking to clarify not only the efficiency of paid search ad channel but also of particular groups of ads, ads, and keywords.

Adjustment mistakes

The main mistake while adjusting ad campaigns was the wrong choice of the set of keywords. A part of them hasn’t brought any calls.

On the right way

They chose effective ads and increased their budget for clicks. As a result, they attracted a target traffic.


by 81%
The number of visitors increased

by 44%
The conversion of visits into calls increased

by 15%
The calls volume increased