How to ensure consistent dentist appointments


StomAvenue Studio is a multi-field dental clinic. The practice provides orthodontics, prosthetics, and implantation services. The specifics of the business are that a person receives an expensive treatment once every five to ten years.

Marketing task

Generate a steady, continuous stream of new clients every day.

Fresh look

Maximilian Lipkin led the company in December 2016 and immediately evaluated all marketing tools and costs. The main advertising source was the Google Display Network, which was the only campaign supported by the advertising agency. Outdoor advertising was implemented as an additional channel, and “sleeping” or “lapsed” clients were called upon. The summary turned out to be disappointing: the cost of marketing and advertising, including the cost for all partners and vendors, yielded extremely low results.

Starting from scratch

A team was organized to select a new advertising agency. Before targeting advertising campaigns, the practice decided to create a new promotional web page. Unlike the previous one, it was oriented towards a younger target audience and provided information about the company’s advantages, its beneficial location to central metro stations and the online form for simple scheduling of appointments.

Advertising policy

A PPC campaign was design for 9 campaigns., with most of them targeting the Google search engine. For segmentation, the campaigns were broken intp three following areas:

  • types of treatment
  • geolocation
  • equipment brands

Look&Hook as a link

After targeting advertising campaigns, it was necessary to connect call data with advertisements and keywords. Look&Hook was selectively chosen as a supplier of several important marketing solutions, including call tracking, own virtual PBX and cross analytics. Cross analytics were built using the integration of Look&Hook and CRM.

Virtual PBX

There were a number problems with the inherited Virtual PBX, including non-transparent payment that caused line cut-offs, SIP phones hanging up, and missed calls that were difficult to track. Howeverm when the Virtual PBX by Look&Hook was implemented, working with calls became much more transparent and the results improved drastically. Different scenarios were set up for each advertising campaign, with each using the following general sequence: voice greeting - message to the operator about the client calling - sequential call-down - voice menu, if no answer - offer to leave a voice message.
Voice greeting - Message to the operator about the client - Sequential call-down - Voice menu, if no answer.


“We are certainly satisfied with the results. First, we have had the opportunity to perform detailed advertising analytics. Second, now we do not miss calls of potential customers. Third, we save money on unnecessary integration between services of different providers. I believe that the Look&Hook service has fully justified itself. I am satisfied with the work of employees: if problems appear, they can always be quickly resolved.”