StomAvenue Studio is a multi-field dental clinic. The practice provides orthodontics, prosthetics, and implantation services. The specifics of the business are that a person receives an expensive treatment once every five to ten years.
17 October 2018
Next Proekt M services the market of high-end repair of apartments. In its current structure, there are several operating units for professional work on complex projects.
16 October 2018
The company US-parquet sells floor covering online. In 2015 they decided to spend some part of their ad budget on paid-search campaign and shopping ads on Google Ads but got immediately disappointed. Let’s try to understand what was wrong and what they should do.
10 October 2018
Nowadays hardly any business cannot be named multi-channel. A company can use several channels to receive orders from clients: web visitors fill out the forms on the website, chat online with a consultant, shoot messages on social networks or just e-mail...They also can call. And if the main way to contact your business is to call you, then it’s absolutely vital to thoroughly analyze calls. Track and analyze them, that’s what call-tracking exists for. This tool is based on the technology to dynamically swap the phone numbers on the website.
20 September 2018